About Your Dentist

Naimisha Mandala, DDS

"Eyes are the windows to the soul. A smile is the mirror of the heart." - Janna Cachola

"Smiling is fun with healthy teeth and gums!" - Ninad Moon

My Mission

My mission in healthcare is to provide my patients with the best dental care possible and enrich the lives of my team members by helping them to be their very best. I also find it both personally and professionally satisfying to help educate my patients on the benefits of properly maintained oral health. Coming from a middle-class background, I understand how dental care often takes a backseat to the many responsibilities of everyday life. I am dedicated to correcting the lack of public information about the connection between oral health and overall health.

In my work, I have learned how important empathy is for a dentist. Empathizing with my patients helps me embark on a journey based on trust and building interpersonal relationships. Empathy aids in understanding my patients' ideologies, inhibitions, and interests so I can provide them with truly exceptional treatment. Seeing the gleam of satisfaction in my patients' eyes continually drives me to improve my skills and expertise in the field of dentistry.


Bachelor of Dental Surgery – The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (The Oxford Dental College and Hospital), Bengaluru, India

Doctorate of Dental Surgery – University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, Buffalo, NY

Continuing Education

Opioid Safety and Pain Management in the Dental Office - October, 2017

Globally Harmonized System Training - October, 2017

OSHA Dental: Blood Borne Pathogens Annual Review - October, 2017

Life & Hobbies

In her spare time, Dr. Mandala enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, reading novels and dancing to beautiful music.